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Day 25 - measurements!

Wow! I was so busy, it’s just unbelievable!
However, very pleased to update my blog today and tell you guys about my weight loss.
myweight20170126.jpgI am getting closer and closer to get cross my magic 100 kg! Haven’t been below it from February 2010!!! Literally it’s almost 7 long years much over 100 kilograms!!! I am so excited it will go down below it SOON!
WEIGHT: 101.85kg
NECK: 34cm
ARM: 32cm
CHEST: 118cm
WAIST: 110cm
HIPS: 123cm
CALF: 43cm
If you really want to lose weight and already you tried and failed before, why not try again and not be disappointed anymore?

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Day 16 - measurements :)

Another week has gone. My 3 years old daughter had a cold and it was difficult time for us at home as she has had a very high fever. I was drinking one cup of SlimROAST coffee in the morning and I was sitting all day at home, looking after my child.
Here are the results:
WEIGHT: 104.25kg
NECK: 34cm
ARM: 34cm
CHEST: 120cm
WAIST: 112cm
HIPS: 126cm
CALF: 43cm

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Day 9 - Measurements

I am sorry I didn’t updated yesterday but washing machine broken down and I had all day emergency and even I have had to cancel my aqua aerobic, so no gym started yet…
Here is me with my dog and I was at an amazing 117.5kg

12219625_10154132472089769_7395255071320504185_n.jpgHere is me today :)
20170109_110944.jpgand on the scale…
WEIGHT: 104.7kg
NECK: 35cm
ARM: 35cm
CHEST: 122cm
WAIST: 114cm
HIPS: 129cm
CALF: 44cm
I am more interested in losing centimetres at the moment and today I fitted myself in clothes from before my pregnancy, my daughter is 3 years old now… Amazing! From size 24/26 to size 20!!! In 6 weeks and 2 days!!!
Join me today, buy the best slimming coffee on the planet, lose weight and inches and be proud of yourself! I am!

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Day 6

Hello everybody.
Last 2 days I was extremely busy, so I am sorry I didn’t write anything. Lots of housework and looking after my toddler.
Day six today and massive boost of energy, that’s how coffee works, even with cloudy sky and horrible wether I am feeling like I want to do planned things. It’s lovely to tick all positions from “to do” list and feeling motivated to do even more if you still have time, as for sure you will feel energy!
Let me just tell you what happened in the last 2 days with my eating. 
Day 4 - I’ve eaten less, that I put on my plate, simply because I didn’t feel hungry anymore. I increased amount of water I am drinking and I just love sparkling water with slice of lemon or orange.
Day 5 - What a shock - half portions already! Made for breakfast 2 slices of bread with ham and boiled egg, eaten just 1 slice and I was feeling full. Half portion of my dinner too - BBQ wings and broccoli, made 8, eaten 4. In the evening eaten tomato salad (used 2 tomatoes) with sprinkle of red onion and spoon of Greek yogurt, a bit of salt + pepper. Delicious! And that’s it!
Feeling fantastic! Tomorrow as it is day 7, there is no SlimROAST coffee and on Monday big day to take measurements again. Not feeling nervous about it at all - I have only positive feelings. 
Have a lovely weekend and next entry here will be on Monday.
Still thinking about changing something in your life? STOP! Join me today!

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Day 3

Amazing thing happened today, I had my coffee and didn’t feel I am hungry until 1pm. I just grabbed piece of bread and made myself a toast with a sprinkle of butter and jam. I know breakfast is the most important meal, however I was feeling full, like I eaten already.
I am starting gym on Monday and it will be necessary to eat breakfasts to have lots of energy and be able to do all workout. On Monday is Aqua Aerobics class and I cannot wait!
I hope you have all nice day. 

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