Day 9 - Measurements

I am sorry I didn’t updated yesterday but washing machine broken down and I had all day emergency and even I have had to cancel my aqua aerobic, so no gym started yet…
Here is me with my dog and I was at an amazing 117.5kg

12219625_10154132472089769_7395255071320504185_n.jpgHere is me today :)
20170109_110944.jpgand on the scale…
WEIGHT: 104.7kg
NECK: 35cm
ARM: 35cm
CHEST: 122cm
WAIST: 114cm
HIPS: 129cm
CALF: 44cm
I am more interested in losing centimetres at the moment and today I fitted myself in clothes from before my pregnancy, my daughter is 3 years old now… Amazing! From size 24/26 to size 20!!! In 6 weeks and 2 days!!!
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