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Day 6

Hello everybody.
Last 2 days I was extremely busy, so I am sorry I didn’t write anything. Lots of housework and looking after my toddler.
Day six today and massive boost of energy, that’s how coffee works, even with cloudy sky and horrible wether I am feeling like I want to do planned things. It’s lovely to tick all positions from “to do” list and feeling motivated to do even more if you still have time, as for sure you will feel energy!
Let me just tell you what happened in the last 2 days with my eating. 
Day 4 - I’ve eaten less, that I put on my plate, simply because I didn’t feel hungry anymore. I increased amount of water I am drinking and I just love sparkling water with slice of lemon or orange.
Day 5 - What a shock - half portions already! Made for breakfast 2 slices of bread with ham and boiled egg, eaten just 1 slice and I was feeling full. Half portion of my dinner too - BBQ wings and broccoli, made 8, eaten 4. In the evening eaten tomato salad (used 2 tomatoes) with sprinkle of red onion and spoon of Greek yogurt, a bit of salt + pepper. Delicious! And that’s it!
Feeling fantastic! Tomorrow as it is day 7, there is no SlimROAST coffee and on Monday big day to take measurements again. Not feeling nervous about it at all - I have only positive feelings. 
Have a lovely weekend and next entry here will be on Monday.
Still thinking about changing something in your life? STOP! Join me today!

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